International Cricket Captain 2011

Cricket simulation game that allows users to manage teams


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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 1.0
  • Size 868.09 kB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Childish Things

International Cricket Captain 2011 is a sports themed third person player game for Windows PC.

International Cricket Captain 2011 offers players the opportunity to compete in games of the 2011 season. Competing countries which made it to the finals are India, England, and South Africa. Australia, in the 2011 International Cricket game, offered a whole host of new and talented young players. These facts make it into the game International Cricket Captain 2011, offering more realistic action in a virtual world of cricket. The graphics, 3D standard now, also add to the fun.

Since 1998, International Cricket Captain has survived two companies and one bankruptcy. Originally conceived as a graduate level project by Chris Child of Birmgingham University, the game was updated and worked at by Child during the completion of his MSc and two years of work for the company Logica. It was shopped around by the designer quite a lot until finding a home with Empire games. Now being developed by Andy Yau and Michel Bowes as well as Chris Child, the game had added features such as match schedules and better 2D art and graphics.

By 1998 Empire released the first version of International Cricket Captain. It topped the PC game charts in the United Kingdom at over 50,000 copies sold. Since there have been versions each year highlighting the real life International Cricket teams and wins in game format. It was in 2005 that Chris Child created his own company called Childish Things and contacted fellow developers to see about updating the game. Working in their spare time, later versions evolved through Empire including 3D graphics.

When Empire Interactive went into administration in 2009, the developers managed to buy the rights to the game. New features and more detailed statistic updates were added, as well as ways for players to control all of their tactical strategies just as they would in real-life cricket. International teams, English county teams, and Australian home teams were added on. As the Captain in International Cricket Captain, players get to push their teams forward to wins with domestic as well as international trophies. There is a one-day match engine and more refined player ability generation engine to allow Coaches a more realistic experience, as well as new twenty-over championship and player ratings, fields can be customized, and on-line matches are improved too.

For those who enjoy full and wide screen options, International Cricket Captain does not disappoint, offering more options for screen than previous versions. The 2011 release was made with several fixes for problems - a new cancel button is enabled for disconnects during match negotiations so that the game doesn't freeze or accept terms the player 'Captain' wouldn't want if their internet were up and running. Exchange squad errors send players back to the lobby, and there is reduced time-out length for the exchange of squads.

The game is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, International Cricket Captain now features save-to-cloud options, online lobby for player challenges while playing a single player game of cricket, updated team kits reflect current international and state side details. The database of players available for International Cricket Captain 2011 contains more than 3,000 entries, or every first class player from around the world (2011). Player abilities have been expanded alongside rules and regulations to reflect current standards of the game.


  • Like being a cricket coach - without the running around on the field
  • Save to cloud so you never lose a game
  • Huge and diverse selection of matches, teams, players and countries
  • Custom field mode


  • Not compatible with the most recent versions of Windows (8,10)
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